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The Morrigan 50cl mead 10%abv
  • The Morrigan 50cl mead 10%abv

    The Morrigan

    -Dark Cherry, Star Anise and Stem Ginger Mead 50 cl 10% by volume


    The Morrigan is a Melomel, which is a fruit based honey Mead. Presented in a Tulipano Glass Bottle and crystalline garnet red in colour, this is our homage to the mythical figure called The Morrigan, a shaman who was able to foresee the outcome of war and could transform herself into a flight of ravens. Full, robust dark cherries, star anise, and a hint of stem ginger for warmth. A beautiful and enigmatic brew. Suits the full range of temperature treatments for serving; part of a cocktail, chilled, or as a mulled style warming winter drink.

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