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  • What is Mead?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Mead is the oldest recorded alcoholic drink with records dating back as far as Babylonian and Sumerian texts, possibly an oral tradition would predate even this. Humans have long revered this drink made from Honey, Yeast and Water, with mentions in classical literature from Virgil and Plato to Norse Legends, Egyptian Priestesses, and Celtic Tales. Just as Wine is the Umbrella term for many different varieties, so is Mead a category under which numerous types and styles exist. Here at Apothecary Mead we have tried to showcase 5 of the main varieties in our products. Hydromel - A Traditional Honey Mead produced with Honey, Yeast and Water aged over several months. Bochet - A Caramelised Honey Mead. Acerglyn - A Mead produced using Maple Syrup as well as Honey in Primary Fermentation. Metheglyn - A Mead created using Spices in Primary Fermentation. Melomel - A Fruit Based Mead. As well as these familiar types we aim to produce 2 Limited Edition Brews a Year which will be created in small batches and are sold from selected retailers on a first come first served basis; these are always in high demand and in our experience do sell our incredibly quickly. From the outset it was important for us to aim to be a quality ethical producer rather than looking for volume of production, to that end we keep our production very much hands on and small scale, ensuring control over every stage of the process. We slow, cold ferment in glass vessels rather than metal or plastic over many months, avoiding modern heating processes and rapid yeasts; which in turn ensures our Mead is low on Fusels, having a clear, smooth honey taste allowing our unique honey flavour to shine through. We reuse packaging, and to keep our carbon footprint low modern electrical intervention is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • What about the Bees?
    As trained and experienced beekeepers who are passionate about conservation we pride ourselves on using local honey foraged here in the Nottinghamshire Sherwood Forest and surrounding areas in our drinks. We don't import from overseas, ensuring our honey is made right here on our doorstep. The forage comes primarily from Hawthorn, Sweet Chestnut and the Duke's Famous Lime Trees here on the Welbeck Estate, lending woody, lightly flora with citrus undertones to the base flavours. Proudly supporting local Beekeepers and our beautiful British Honeybees. For more information feel free to contact us for more ways to help protect the Bees
  • What % and expiry date does the mead have?
    We are a Session Mead producer, meaning our abv's are in the range of 10%. There is no expiry for an unopened bottle, in fact many report the longer they sit the better they taste. Once opened treat much as you would a 7-9% abv table wine. Within 3 to 5 days you'd be aiming to have consumed the bottle; although one customer bought a bottle from us in June 2018 and took it all the way to the USA with him and has been savouring it for over a year.....he reports it was delicious to the very last drop!
  • How do you drink Mead?
    There's no simple answer to that because it depends on many differing factors, not least of which is personal preference. Here's our guide to how best to enjoy our products:- Signature - Best served at room temperature from a wine glass, but will also stand up to chilling. Prepare to lose mid range flavour if chilled. Can be served over crushed ice as a part of a Mead Cocktail. Nevermore - Best served room temperature or slightly warmer from a whisky tumbler, great when warmed during winter months with a stick of cinnamon added. Morrigan - Extremely versatile and will be spectacular from chilled through to warmed and served as you would a mulled wine. The anise releases when slightly above room temperature, with a light crisp cherry flavour carrying only a slight warmth from stem ginger. Black Phillip - As with Nevermore you'll really be drinking this at it's absolute best served room temperature or above from a Whisky Tumbler. The bonfire toffee notes and fig burst when warmed, with the charred bourbon oak providing a robust base. Summerisle - Spectacular in summer chilled and used as part of a spritzer with gin and a lightly flavoured tonic over crushed ice, add lemon zest and garden mint to really switch it up a notch. For the purist, we'd recommend sipping and savouring this mild citrus herbal drink at room temperature from a white wine glass.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We only ship to the UK currently.
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