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Meet The Team

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Alison Lycett

Bringing to the company a wealth of knowledge surrounding medicinal and aromatic herbs, and a background of being a restaurateur, Alison is the culinary expertise behind our blends of honey, fruits, herbs and spices. With  high ethical standards she ensures we stand by our promise of working to promote sustainable practice and low environmental impact throughout the operation our business.

"A mentor and dear friend of mine once advised 'If you build a business around something you are passionate about you will never fail to make it a success'"

Chad Mierzwa

Graphic Design, Illustration and a career history steeped in presentation and the creative arts Chad is our brand and image expert. He has been the drive behind the business, his dogged refusal to never let anything get him down has been the reason we stand here today.  His belief in this project has been resolute, with an eye for a unique brand presence and knowledge of our target market, his input has been integral to the way our bottles look and feel today.

"A dream will always stay intangible unless you actively take steps to progress towards it. Come rain or shine any forward movement, however small, is still progress"

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